Ocean Beach, San Francisco

Ocean Beach, San Francisco

Some of the most critical planning you can do is in an area that you have the most power and control. That would be your Cash Flow -  money comes in and money goes out. How can you take charge? 

First, we start with building awareness about our spending and savings needs. Next, we make a plan for saving and debt repayment that supports our future goals. This planning may not be simple to do and sometimes we need help to move through what can be an emotional minefield.

Pre-Planning with Remedios Financial Planning is a more affordable alternative to traditional financial planning, designed for clients who may in the early asset-building stage, or may need more focused help on designing and managing their cash flow strategy.  

Process - Pre-Planning Work

  1. Fill out our Confidential Questionnaire

  2. Dive In - Map out goals for savings and debt repayment (.5 hr)

  3. Work it Out (1.5 hr) - Collaborative Budget creation and review of trade-offs

  4. Share Accomplishments (45 min) - 30 days after budget creation

  5. You’re on Your Way check-in (45 min) 60-90 days after budget creation  


  • $525 for all-inclusive module

  • Additional sessions available at $150 per hour


  • Customized Cash Flow spreadsheet to use. We love Tiller Money, which costs $60 annually

  • Continuing resources and tools

  • Personalized debt payoff spreadsheet

  • Accountability Check-ins

  • Action Plan