We start with a free, 30-minute get-acquainted meeting to learn more about you, your financial goals, and questions. We can meet by phone, on Google Hangouts, or FaceTime. In addition, we offer a limited number of in-person meetings at our shared workspace.

In order for us to better understand your financial story, we ask that you complete our Confidential Questionnaire as best you can, and forward it to us in advance of our conversation.  We also have an online version of the questionnaire that you can fill out here.

How much does it cost?

At Remedios Financial Planning, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to get a better understanding of their financial situation without feeling overwhelmed by long term engagement fees.

We charge $300 per hour for our work together and offer two types of planning engagements to better serve your needs.

Limited Scope Engagement: Targeted planning sessions can explore a narrow range of upcoming financial decisions and prioritize a plan of action. Sometimes these sessions start with a discovery meeting to fully understand your questions and options. Some begin immediately with data gathering. Be aware that additional review may be required depending on the complexity of the issues to be covered. Not all questions lend themselves to the narrow focus here.

The Deeper Dive: If your questions and options are more complex, we may need to take a more comprehensive look at the interacting, financial variables. Questions such as “Will my nest egg provide for my retirement, college for my children, or a 2nd home and last throughout my lifetime?” are best answered by fully considering the financial trade-offs necessary to meet each goal. A more comprehensive plan, which can address multiple variables and options, can run between 12-20 hours depending on complexity.